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Engage the Perth Team at Patios Plus WA

Patios Plus WA, is the industry leader in building patios and outdoor home improvements in Perth. Over the past 16 years, we have been designing and installing high-quality outdoor structures such as patios, garages, and sheds all over Western Australia. We are Western Australia-owned and operated, meaning you can trust us to deliver quality results.

Our team has various products with properties that meet the requirements of homes and businesses in Western Australia. We can use these products for multiple purposes, including adding an outdoor patio or constructing a sizeable lock-up shed for a commercial structure. We can powder-coat our frames to fit different colours. The gutters come in a long-lasting Colorbond finish. We design and construct your patio using high-quality steel produced in Australia. This ensures you get a durable structure that adheres to stringent standards.

Patio Perth
Patio Perth

Get Quality Patios from Our Experts in Perth

Our experts at Patios Plus WA, have a large variety of patio roofing options. The Colorbond option is available in various profiles, sizes, and colours, allowing you to obtain the maximum amount of shading possible. Polycarbonate patio roofing is an excellent option because it does not absorb light and consequently does not make the interior spaces darker. Flat sheets, twin sheets, and sheets with more than two walls are also available.

You can purchase steel and polycarbonate in various colours and shapes to complement the aesthetic of your patio in Perth. Our team will care for you if you think your patio is too hot to allow you to enjoy the outdoors. We can apply finishes that reflect and reduce heat and glare to the polycarbonate sheets. As a result, you will be able to entertain guests with ease and comfort beneath your brand-new patio or verandah in Perth.

Why Choose Patios Plus WA for Your Perth Residence?

Patios Plus WA, is pleased to stock different patio roof panels. We have flat, gable, and hip-end roof panels. Our team installs these panels in different ways. As a result, these panels not only have a great appearance but also offer the convenience of combining the ceiling, insulation, and roofing functions in a single product.

Here are five excellent proponents of selecting Patios Plus WA, for the design and installation of your patio in Perth;

  1. Our highly skilled and experienced patio builders can design and install a custom patio faster than anyone else in Perth
  2. We can provide a free and quick estimate on-site at your residence.
  3. Our team only use high-quality materials when constructing a new patio.
  4. Our professional staff will always prioritise you no matter how big or small the patio job is.
Patio Perth

Patios Plus WA can build and design the best patio for your outdoor space in Perth. Please call us today to discuss your preferences.