Patio Malaga

Give Your Malaga Home a Facelift with Our Patio Experts

Patios Plus WA is a reputable business helping clients with patio projects in Malaga. We have been your trusted local company for the past 16 years. Our team can design and install extremely durable products made possible with the use of the highest quality Australian materials that are locally covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, our patios are Colorbond coated, available in an assortment of attractive colours, and offer effective sun protection measures. They are, therefore, the perfect solution for patio enclosures for your home. 

We have fully equipped warehouses where each of our products is manufactured. Due to this, we have total control over the production process. With this, you will get patio products with their overall strength maintained, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

At Patios Plus WA, we are always happy to discuss your project with you and handle it professionally from start to finish. As such, you can relax and go about your business as we handle the whole process. 

Patio Malaga
Patio Malaga

Your First Choice of Patio Experts in Malaga

At Patios Plus WA, we excel in providing our clients with a high-quality patio in Malaga and a seamless process from start to finish. If you enjoy new projects around your home and want to start with a patio, we have you covered with our DIY patio kits. They will assist you in creating your extension to beautify your home without incurring an additional cost. We work with reputable brands and the proven Colorbond system, ensuring that we achieve your desired results. 

Regardless of the complexity of your project, you can trust our team to complete the work excellently. We are attentive to detail and happy to assist with all the plans that result in a finalised project that suits your requirements.

What Makes Our Patios in Malaga Unique?

Our patio designer in Malaga can create a custom-made patio for your home. We have a wide range of patio roofing options, with DIY patio kits that are easy to use. As such, you will get a solution that provides shelter from the sun and rain while adding style to your outdoor areas. You can choose from our wide range of patio roofing options, including dome patios, gable patios, patio decking, and pyramid patios. 

At Patios Plus WA, we always deliver quality work regardless of the size of your project. Whether the project is big or small, you can rest assured of quality. We will provide a quick on-site estimate at your residence when you call us. We take pride in our work, which is why we are Malaga’s leading patio installation experts. Call our team and let us help make your process of choosing a patio a seamless one. 

Patio Malaga

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