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How big can I make my patio?

There are many factors that affect this decision. All homes along with any additions are meant to comply with the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia This document details requirements and conditions that govern your patio addition which includes setbacks from fences, heights of the proposed structure and the maximum sizes possible depending on the size of the property. We are more than happy to advise you on whether your proposal will be acceptable and be compliant.

How close to my neighbour’s fence can I get?

The Residential Design Codes again govern these dimensions, but a general rule is the patio roof and columns must be no closer than 1.0m from a neighboring fence line. With a signed consent form, we may be able to build the patio up to 500mm from the fence line. It can even be possible to put the columns of the patio right up against the fence line as long as the roofline remains 500mm off. In most cases, requesting to put the patio closer than 1.0m will require a planning application as well as a building application and extra fees are usually involved.

If I want to go ahead with the quote you have given me, how much deposit do we need to pay?

Payment terms are set up so you pay a small deposit. Once we have obtained shire approval and we have begun work on preparing your patio we require a progress payment. The next progress payment will be due when we deliver all the materials to site and then finally the last payment will be due on completion and once you are completely satisfied with your finished patio.

What warranty do I get on my new patio?

All of the materials in your Patios Plus WA patio are of the finest quality and are built to last. Our structural workmanship is guaranteed for life. Our goal is to have you purchase again and again as you upgrade your house or move home. In the unlikely event of a problem arising we will remedy this immediately.

Does it cost any more for certain colours?

Other companies may charge you more but with Patios Plus WA, you can choose any Colorbond colour combinations for no extra charge.

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