BlogWhat is a gable patio?

What is a gable patio?

What is a gable patio?

Thinking of a gable roof patio extension? Find out all you need to know here

Home extensions can be very expensive – but a great, cost-effective way to increase the usable space on your block is to invest in a patio! A patio can significantly increase your home’s value and will provide a space for entertaining for years and years to come. 

Whether you want a detached or attached patio, you’ll need to determine which style of roof you want. At Patios Plus, we create patios to suit domes, flats, pyramids and more – but this article is about gables!

So what is a gable patio?

The gable roof style is reminiscent of an ‘A’ shape. The roof is peaked and the sides slope gently down. Both attached patios and detached patios can be covered with a gable roof.

They’re both functional and aesthetically pleasing – check out the benefits below!

Water drainage

The peaked gable roof not only looks good but is a lot more efficient at managing water drainage. Without a sloped roof, heavy downpours could compromise the integrity of your patio cover. We use high-quality materials like COLORBOND Steel to construct gable roof patios that provide effective sun and weather protection. They’re also available in a variety of colours. 

Cooling and ventilation

The gabled patio roof offers better cooling and ventilation due to its peaked design. The additional space under the patio roof allows for additional inflow and outflow of air and heat during those hot summer months – that’s always a plus!

Increased space

Gable roof patios make for more spacious patios and carports. Due to the increased headroom, they can accommodate larger vehicles and even boats. If you’re using your patio for entertaining, the horizontal cross beams can fit fans, lights and other modern conveniences. 


Gable roofs are more affordable than gazebos, pergolas and other types of detached patios. This is because the roof design is stylish but simple – and the maintenance factor is much lower. At Patios Plus, our gable roofs are locally made in our Wangara workshop with high-grade Australian materials and components.

If you’re looking for a gable-roof patio, give us a call – we offer a free on-site measure and quote, plus we match any identical quote – and even beat it by 5%! 

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