BlogWhy Gazebos Are Becoming a Popular Feature in Perth Homes

Why Gazebos Are Becoming a Popular Feature in Perth Homes

Why Gazebos Are Becoming a Popular Feature in Perth Homes

Gazebos win the award for the most visually interesting out of the three main outdoor structures. As opposed to their counterparts – pergolas and patios, gazebos are freestanding constructions in either an octagon or polygon shape. These classic designs are usually positioned as focal point in the outdoor space, encouraging homeowners to relax and gaze out into the garden. Funnily enough, this is exactly where they get their name from!

To correspond with this, gazebos have an open upper section to allow full views of the outdoor space. It’s the visual appeal of this fascinating structures that make them a popular feature in Perth homes. There’s no denying how much us Aussies love utilising the outdoors for entertaining and living, and investing in a gazebo is the ultimate cream of the crop. Here’s why more homeowners are opting for a gazebo in their Perth homes:

Adds Value to Your Property

Homeowners will almost always invest in a gazebo or pergola for the added value it adds to your home. As outdoor spaces boom in popularity, it makes sense to have all the trappings to craft an oasis that ticks every box. And the exceptional appeal of a pergola does just the trick. Any permanent structure will naturally boost your property’s return of investment. Gazebos take this attraction to the next level though, and act as unique selling point for interested buyers come selling time.

A Uniquely Attractive Outdoor Solution

Patios and pergolas are both very similar in style. Whilst they both provide a fantastic outdoor solution that’s functional and attractive, it’s the gazebo design that really takes architecture and backyard appeal to the next level. They have the most decorative characteristics of the three structures and because they are freestanding, it creates an additional space to the home that’s perfect for entertaining and relaxing in.

One of the main reasons why homeowners invest in a pergola or gazebo is to gain this extra room outside. Whilst pergolas are usually joined to the actual house, gazebos offer something completely different without taking away the opportunity to provide the additional living space.

Shelter, Seating and Entertaining

As creatures of comfort, it’s important to have all the necessary additions we require inside, outside. Shelter and ample seating is vital for a space to feel inviting. Gazebos can be designed at any size to fit the right amount of seating options inside it. Depending on your entertaining essentials, a table and comfy couches can be added too. In terms of shelter and shade, the roof of a gazebo is as solid as you can get. It’s able to provide protection from the sun and other harsh weather conditions.

Whilst the upper part of the gazebo is open to welcome the views, this part of the structure can be screened to warn of insects, add a level of privacy or shelter from the wind and rain. The lower section is made from solid railings and the open ‘door’ part of the gazebo can have curtains or a privacy screen added, if need be.

Functional and Sculptural

When a pergola, patio or gazebo structure adds an extra room to your property, your outdoor space is immediately more functional. It doesn’t matter so much what you want to achieve in your new backyard room – drinking tea in the afternoon, wines with friends on the weekend or relaxing with a book and a beer during the week, a gazebo structure is open to it all, making it a purposeful solution to any space.

The sculptural design of the gazebo makes it one of the most distinguishing designs of all the structures. Still, this style can be customised to reflect your home’s existing architecture and colour scheme. For more information about how we can help at Patios Plus, contact us today.